New Vocaloid “Rana” Announced!


The new Vocaloid magazine “I wanna be a Vocalo-P (ボカロPになりたい!)” has recently announced in their twitter that the first issue of the magazine will introduce the new V3 voicebank “Rana”.

Her official website states her voice provider will be Kakuma Ai and her voice range will be between G#2-F4

She has 3 little robots called “Morioshishou”, “Sacchan” and “Researcher Jasmine (??)”

Trivia (from the main site): 

  • She has amps on her head which light up rainbow when she sings
  • 153cm tall and 41.5kg
  • Birthday is September 9th (0 years old)
  • Character design by 神藤かみち and chibi art by リヨ

    Her demo will be available on her official site on the 12th August
    thank you mamekatchi for correcting me !!!